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Stihl BGA 200 Blower


Out of stock

Stihl BGA 200 Blower

Out of stock

  • Perfect for professionals with high blowing force & blowing speed
  • No noise meaning that no ear defenders needed
  • Cruise control and quick blower tube adjustment makes it easy to use
  • Locking system makes working for long periods a breeze

Out of stock

Product Detail

Stihl BGA 200 Blower – Tool Only

Powerful cordless blower with high blowing force.

The new BGA 200 is a powerful new cordless blower with high blowing force (21 N) and high air speed (84 m/s) for professional clearing jobs. The 21 N blowing force on this cordless model is now between the BR 350 (17 N) and BR 450 C-EF (26 N), providing ample blowing power for a professional user. Its low noise means no ear defenders required during us. It is also very flexible in the way it can be used; hand-held when in narrow areas or utilise the new comfort carrying system for larger areas where it hooks onto a hip adaptor for a carrying system. It also features cruise control and quick blower tube adjustment via a quick release clasp.

2-in-1 working modes

The BGA 200 is flexible in use thanks to two working modes. Handheld mode is ideal in tight or narrow areas. In the suspended mode with the comfort carrying system, large areas can be comfortably cleaned even during all-day work.

Second handle

Ensures an increase in working comfort by changing the working position. It is ideal when used with the comfort carrying system.

Lock mode

Allows you to lock any desired level of blowing speed at the push of a button. It is ideal when used with the comfort carrying system and the second handle.


Due to the curved shape, the device does not “tip” away during blowing. Even in the boost mode, there are no torsional forces in the wrist. This ensures wrist-friendly, comfortable work.

Quick adjustment of the blowpipe

The Stihl BGA 200 Blower has a quick adjustment of the blowpipe at the push of a button. For example, the blowpipe can be shortened in no time for use in narrow work areas – and can then be extended again just as quickly and easily. This enables comfortable work with high efficiency in all cleaning situations.

Central control unit

For maximum energy efficiency, the output can be adapted to the respective task via three output levels. The respective power level is indicated by illuminated LEDs.

Boost function

By overpressing the switch lever, the maximum blowing force is available regardless of the preselected power level. The hand position does not have to be changed.

Hanging loop

There is a hanging opening in the handle housing, where you can hang the device securely on the wall.

Comfort carrying system

Thanks to the comfort carrying system, the BGA 200 can be used in different ways – hand-carried or hooked into the holder positioned on the side of the body. The change is easy and takes seconds and the workload is enormously easier – especially for longer assignments.

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