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Moss Eliminator 2kg

Sale! £14.99

6 in stock

Moss Eliminator 2kg

In stock

Sale! £14.99
  • Treats up to 50m2
  • Plant-based
  • Works fast
  • Strips moss

6 in stock

Product Detail

Grass Gains Organic Based Moss Eliminator 2kg

Elevate your lawn care with the premium Grass Gains Moss Eliminator 2kg, a top-quality organic-based fertiliser designed by experts to target and eradicate moss problems in your garden. This advanced formula is a blend of specially selected beneficial bacteria and fungi, crafted to work together in breaking down moss and thatch efficiently, fostering a vibrant, moss-free lawn.

Enhance your lawn’s health and aesthetics with this innovative solution, which not only removes unsightly moss but also revitalises your garden’s overall vitality. The Moss Eliminator is an ideal choice for those seeking an eco-friendly, effective approach to lawn maintenance.

Experience the transformation in your outdoor space with the Moss Eliminator, where advanced science meets nature to deliver outstanding results. This product is perfect for homeowners aiming for a pristine, flourishing lawn that embodies natural beauty and resilience.



  • Manufacturer: Grass Gains,

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