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Lawn Bulk Black Edition 2.5kg

Sale! £14.99

12 in stock

Lawn Bulk Black Edition 2.5kg

In stock

Sale! £14.99
  • Fertilises 100m2
  • Pet and Child Safe
  • 100% Organic
  • Can be used all year round

12 in stock

Product Detail

Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Black Edition 2.5kg

Optimise your lawn’s health with Grass Gains Organic Biostimulant Fertiliser, expertly formulated to enhance your garden’s vitality. This top-tier fertiliser is enriched with an organic blend of nitrogen, potassium, and essential trace elements, infused with high concentrations of amino acids to invigorate your lawn with a lush, vibrant green appearance.

Discover the secret to a robust, disease-resistant lawn that withstands various stress factors, ensuring its beauty and resilience. George Browns Ltd. recommends this eco-friendly solution as it’s entirely safe for families and pets, making it the perfect choice for households. Its versatile nature allows for application throughout the year, providing consistent nourishment to your grass.

Unlock the potential of your lawn with Grass Gains Lawn Bulk Black Edition 2.5kg and witness a transformation that combines aesthetic appeal with environmental safety. Ideal for garden enthusiasts who prioritise sustainability without compromising on performance, this fertiliser promises a thriving, healthy lawn that stands the test of time.


Before applying any fertiliser if is always worth checking the weather, for best results apply before rain is forecast to allow the fertiliser to wash in, this will mean the fertiliser will get into action straight away. The fertiliser can be applied without rain as it is scorch free but it will not begin to work until fully watered in. It is always beneficial to mow the lawn prior to feeding the lawn to allow the fertiliser more time to wash in before mowing again.


The fertiliser is recommended to be put on with an applicator, this can either be a push spreader or using our hand held fertiliser applicator. We recommended applying this at 25-35 grams per meter squared. Every applicator is different when it comes to applying fertilisers, it’s always best to trial it in a small area first before doing the whole lawn. With our applicator we have a simple instructional video you can watch to make it really simple and make sure it’s done in the correct way. If applying in the winter then this should never be done in frosty conditions, always check forecasts prior to applying.


Once the fertiliser is applied this can be washed in with rain if forecast or washed in using a garden sprinkler. It needs to be thoroughly washed in to activate it and begin to worked its way into the plant. The green prill in the fertiliser is the controlled release part which will nestle into the soil and break down slowly over 6 months. It’s important all this is thoroughly washed in before mowing! This fertiliser can be left without watering in but we recommend washing in after 48 hours of no rain. If applying in the winter then this should never be done in frosty conditions


Once watered in you should see some results within 7 days, the lawn will change in colour and begin to thicken out. Regular mowing is advised to help keep the lawn healthy, we recommend at least twice per week during the growing season. This will encourage the grass to thicken more and keep it healthy all year around.




  • Manufacturer: Grass Gains,
  • George Browns Limited Part Number: GC-GG 829390,

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