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3-in-1 Fertiliser Hand Spreader Shaker

Sale! £16.99

12 in stock

3-in-1 Fertiliser Hand Spreader Shaker

In stock

Sale! £16.99
  • Designed for granular fertilisers
  • Allows even distribution
  • Reuseable

12 in stock

Product Detail

Grass Gains 3-in-1 Fertiliser Hand Spreader Shaker

Elevate your lawn care routine with the Grass Gains Fertiliser Hand Spreader and Shaker, a versatile tool expertly designed to enhance your gardening experience. Recommended by George Browns Ltd., this tool is essential for achieving an evenly green and healthy lawn.

Featuring three different application settings, this hand spreader is not just limited to fertilisers; it’s a multi-functional tool that can also distribute topsoil and other granular products. It’s specifically tailored for use with our 2.5kg granular fertilisers, ensuring an even spread that optimizes product use and prevents waste.

George Browns Ltd. highlights the ease of use and sustainability of this tool—it’s designed for easy application and can be reused, making it an eco-friendly choice for your garden. Its precise distribution capability ensures that your lawn receives the perfect amount of nourishment, promoting healthy growth and vibrant colour.

Whether you’re feeding your lawn, spreading topsoil, or applying other granular products, the Grass Gains 3-in-1 Fertiliser Hand Spreader Shaker is the ideal tool for gardeners seeking efficiency, precision, and sustainability in their lawn care practices.

Founded in 2022, Grass Gains emerged from recognising an un-met need for a new, innovative approach to lawn care products.  Grass Gains brings together extensive expertise in professional lawn maintenance, equipping them with the insight to select products that truly enhance your lawn’s health and appearance. They are committed to providing straightforward, easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by clear video demonstrations, empowering you to confidently use their products on your own. Their passion lies in crafting products that consistently deliver exceptional results, with the added reassurance that all our offerings are based on organic, scorch-free formulas.



  • Manufacturer: Grass Gains,

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