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Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower


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Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower

Out of stock

  • 53cm cutting width makes it ideal for large lawns up to 2500m²
  • single speed self propelled allows for larger areas to be cut quicker
  • 5 year warranty gives you extra peace of mind when you are mowing
  • With the specially shaped mulching blade, the grass is cut in stages and shredded into fine particles
  • Centralised cutting height adjustments ranging between 30mm-70mm

Out of stock

Product Detail

Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower- Robust Mulching Mower

The Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower is a robust petrol-powered machine designed to efficiently mulch grass clippings, providing a convenient solution for maintaining large lawns up to 2500m².

Key features of the Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching  Lawn Mower 

  • Optimized Design and Robust Build: The RM 4 RT is engineered with a focus on durability and performance. Its sturdy construction includes a 1-speed drive and a powerful Kohler engine, ensuring reliable operation even in demanding conditions.
  • Mulching Capability: One of the standout features of this mower is its mulching function. By finely shredding grass clippings and dispersing them back onto the lawn, it acts as a natural fertilizer, promoting a healthier and greener lawn. This not only saves time but also eliminates the need for manual disposal of clippings.
  • Convenient Features: The mower is equipped with various user-friendly features to enhance usability. The Smart Choke technology facilitates easy starting of the engine, while the self-propelled drive mechanism eliminates the need for manual pushing, especially beneficial for larger lawns and inclines. Additionally, the double ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and excellent grip for enhanced manoeuvrability.
  • Comfortable Operation: Comfort is prioritized with the inclusion of a super soft grip handle, providing ergonomic support during extended mowing sessions. Front and rear carrying handles facilitate transportation, while Quick Fix quick-clamping devices allow for effortless folding and storage without the need for tools.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: The central cutting height adjustment system, spring-loaded for convenience, enables users to easily set the desired cutting height across multiple settings. This ensures precise cutting tailored to the specific needs of the lawn, with the current height indicated by a scale for accuracy.
  • Extended Warranty: For added peace of mind, the Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower comes with a generous 5-year extended domestic warranty, subject to registration and annual servicing. This reflects Stihl’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing reassurance to users regarding the durability and reliability of the mower.

Why choose the Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Mower 

The Stihl RM 4 RT Mulching Lawn Mower combines robust construction, advanced features, and ergonomic design to deliver efficient and hassle-free lawn maintenance for homeowners with large lawns.

Visit George Browns Limited for the Stihl RM 4  RT

Explore the Stihl RM 4 RT Mower at George Browns Limited. Our experts are eager to demonstrate its features and discuss how it can elevate your lawn care routine.

Contact us today to learn more about the Stihl RM 4 RT Mower and take the first step towards a beautifully maintained lawn.

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  • Cutting Width: 53 cm,
  • Power Type: Petrol,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 5 Years,
  • Cutting Area: 2500m2,
  • Commercial Warranty: 30 Days,
  • Discharge Type: Mulching,
  • Number Of Blades: 1,
  • Built Weight: 35kg,
  • Manufacturer: Stihl,
  • Professional/Domestic: Domestic,
  • Engine Make: Series XT675 OHV SC,
  • Guaranteed Sound Level: 93,

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  • Price £639.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware that all machines are delivered without Fuel and oil in them
  • We recommend Unleaded petrol preferably E5 when possible but E10 will run this machine
  • The oil that goes into this machine is a SAE30, this is available through us.