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Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Mower

Sale! £445.00

Out of stock

Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Mower

Out of stock

Sale! £445.00
  • 43 cm cutting width makes light work of lawns up to 300m2
  • Hand propelled so you dictate the pace of the machine
  • 3 year domestic warranty gives you extra peace of mind
  • Rear roller mower with 7 Cutting heights from 19mm-70mm for that perfect stripe

Out of stock

Product Detail

Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Cordless Mower: Compact and Efficient for Small Gardens

Effortless Lawn Care with the Hayter Hawk 43 Cordless Mower

The Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Cordless Mower is designed for those who value convenience and efficiency in lawn care, especially for small gardens up to 300 square metres. This 43cm wide battery mower combines easy maneuverability with a space-saving design, making it an ideal choice for maintaining small, formal gardens.

We at George Browns would recommend the homeowner looking to take their small/medium sized lawn to the next level. This push mower with rear roller really will give you the perfect stripes you desire to make your neighbours jealous. The ability to walk the mower at your own pace, without a built in self propelled mechanism, it gives you autonomy to mow at the pace you wish. With 7 cutting heights ranging from 19mm – 70mm, it can deal with the everyday tasks that your lawn will throw at it. When you are finished cutting, you can store easily with this mowers easy vertical storage mechanism, saving you up to 70% of space. Ideal for people who desire the ‘professional style’ lawn without the hassle of storage issues and fuel/oil worries.

Key Features of the Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Cordless Mower:

  • Easy Start and Operation: Starts at the push of a button, providing a hassle-free mowing experience.
  • Ideal for Small Gardens: The 43cm cutting width is perfect for small lawns, ensuring precise and efficient mowing.
  • Space-Saving Storage: Vertically store the mower, reducing the storage footprint by up to 70%, a great advantage for limited spaces.
  • Smart Power Boost Technology: Maximizes run-time by providing more power only when needed, ensuring energy efficiency.
  • Integrated Rear Roller: Create perfectly sharp stripes for an aesthetically pleasing lawn appearance.
  • Cordless Flexibility: Powered by a recommended 4.0Ah 60V battery, offering cordless convenience without compromising on power.
  • Compatible with Flex-Force Power System: Easily transfer the 60V battery to compatible Toro 60V garden tools for versatile gardening tasks.
  • Adjustable Cutting Heights: One-touch height-of-cut button with seven height settings from 19 – 70mm, catering to various grass lengths.
  • Efficient Cut and Collection System: Utilizes front and side fins for optimal grass clippings removal.
  • Ergonomic Design: Operator Presence Control (OPC) levers ensure a comfortable mowing experience, ideal for navigating small formal gardens.
  • Durable and Lightweight Construction: High-impact ABS polymer underdeck ensures low weight, improved collection, and reduced noise.

Transform Your Small Garden Maintenance with the Hayter Hawk 43

The Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Cordless Mower is more than just a lawn mower; it’s a compact, efficient solution for those seeking an easy-to-use, eco-friendly mower for small gardens.

Discover the Hayter Hawk 43 at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the Hayter Hawk 43 Push 60V Cordless Mower. Our expert team will guide you through its features, ensuring you find the perfect mower for your small garden needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the Hayter Hawk 43 and take the first step towards a more convenient and sustainable lawn care experience.





  • George Browns Limited Part Number: PP-HAYTER 554A GREEN,
  • Built Dimensions: L1362mm x W485mm x H1085mm,
  • Cutting Width: 43cm,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 3 years,
  • Cutting Area: 300m2,
  • Discharge Type: Collect,
  • Commercial Warranty: 1 Month,
  • Built Weight: 24 kg,
  • Manufacturer: Hayter,
  • Motor: 60v,
  • Professional/Domestic: Domestic,
  • Cutting Height: 19 - 70 mm,
  • Power Type: Battery,
  • Propulsion: Hand Propelled,
  • Collector Capacity: 50 litres,
  • Cordless Technology: Lithium-Ion,
  • Voltage: 60v,

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  • Price £445.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware this machine does not come with battery & charger and will have to be purchased as extras 
  • When storing the battery and charger, keep them in a warm area during the colder periods and store them off the ground where possible, this will reduce the chances of damage