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EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower Kit


Out of stock

EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower Kit

Out of stock

  • Comes with 4.0AH battery and Standard Charger
  • Perfect for mowing in smaller spaces and medium sized gardens
  • 5 year domestic warranty for peace of mind
  • Ample power for  compact spaces (up to 300sqm on a single charge)

Out of stock

Product Detail

EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower- A Smooth and Effortless Mowing Experience

Enhance your Garden with the EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower Kit

Introducing the EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower, a high-performance lawn mower designed to provide a superior mowing experience with its advanced features and cutting-edge technology. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mower is tailored to meet the diverse needs of lawn care enthusiasts, offering a range of options for maintaining a lush and healthy lawn.

Key Features of the EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower Kit

  • Polymer Deck: The LM1702ESP features a lightweight polymer deck, offering advantages over traditional steel decks. This innovative material not only contributes to the mower’s overall lightness but has also proven itself exceptionally effective in collecting, mulching, and rear discharge cutting. This versatility empowers users to customize their lawn care approach according to their preferences.
  • Benefits of a Healthy Lawn: A healthy lawn is not just visually appealing; it also provides numerous benefits. EGO Power+ mowers are designed to be environmentally friendly, delivering results that reflect the hard work invested in lawn care.
  • Comfort in Design: With fewer moving parts, the LM1702ESP minimizes vibrations during operation, enhancing overall comfort. The smooth electric motor not only contributes to a quieter operation but also reduces noise pollution in your surroundings.
  • Adjustable Handle Height: The handle height of the mower is easily adjustable, allowing users to tailor it to their preferred height. Additionally, the strategically positioned grass box emptying positions are easily reachable, minimizing strain and discomfort during use.
  • Unique Battery Design: EGO Power+ boasts unique patented ARC Lithium™ batteries, setting them apart from conventional battery designs. These batteries are engineered to provide ample power, ensuring the mower is equipped to tackle any task with efficiency and reliability.
  • Battery Power for Small Gardens: Suited for smaller gardens, the 4.0AH battery included in this mower kit offers abundant power for compact spaces, covering up to 300sqm on a single charge. The 42cm cutting capacity allows for a closer cut to trees and obstacles, providing precision in smaller spaces.
  • Smaller Cutting Capacity for Precision: A 46cm cutting deck makes it  ideal for smaller spaces and provide improved precision around obstacles, ensuring a neat and manicured lawn.
  • Self-Propelled for Sloping Gardens: For gardens with slopes, the self-propelled feature takes the strain out of pushing the mower uphill, offering ease of use and efficiency in challenging terrains.
  • Rear Discharge for Efficient Mowing: Rear discharge functionality facilitates quicker mowing through thick and long grass, ensuring efficient and thorough lawn maintenance.
  • Bag Collection for Clutter-Free Lawns: The bag collection system keeps lawns clear of cuttings, maintaining a tidy and well-manicured appearance.
  • Fold Flat Design: The LM1702E-SP incorporates a fold-flat design, simplifying the cleaning and storage process. This thoughtful feature enhances the overall user experience by adding convenience to routine maintenance tasks.

Change the way you mow with the EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower 

The EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower stands out as a top-tier lawn mower, combining innovation, comfort, and environmental friendliness for a superior lawn care experience. From its lightweight polymer deck to the unique ARC Lithium™ batteries and versatile cutting options, this mower is engineered to exceed expectations. Whether you have a smaller garden or challenging landscapes with slopes, the LM1702E-SP offers the power, precision, and convenience needed to achieve a beautifully maintained lawn.

Discover the  EGO LM1702ESP at George Browns Limited

Our team of experts will assist you in understanding the EGO’s LM1702ESP features and benefits, ensuring you select the perfect mower for your garden.

Contact us today to learn more about the EGO LM1702ESP Cordless Lawn Mower and step into a world of efficient, reliable, and visually impressive lawn care.



  • George Browns Limited Part Number: PP-EGO EGLM1702ESPKIT,
  • Built Dimensions: L1530mm x W481mm x H956mm,
  • Cutting Width: 42cm,
  • Power Type: Battery,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 5 Years,
  • Commercial Warranty: 2 years,
  • Cutting Area: 300m2,
  • Discharge Type: Collect,
  • Manufacturer: Ego,
  • Motor: 56v,
  • Collector Capacity: 55 litres,
  • Cutting Height: 20 - 80 mm,
  • Propulsion: Self-Propelled,

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  • Price £599.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware when storing the battery and charger, keep them in a warm area during the colder periods and store them off the ground where possible, this will reduce the chances of damage