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AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S Petrol Push Lawnmower

Sale! £219.00

5 in stock

AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S Petrol Push Lawnmower

In stock

Sale! £219.00
  • 42cm cutting width makes it perfect for lawns up to 800m2 
  • Hand propelled so you can dictate the pace that you are mowing the lawn
  • 2 Year domestic warranty up to 3 years with annual services
  • 7 Adjustable cutting heights ranging from 30-75mm

5 in stock

Product Detail

AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S Petrol Push Lawnmower – Lightweight & Agile

Experience optimal Mowing & Catching Properties due to the Aerodynamic Housing

Introducing the AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S Petrol Push Lawnmower, a lightweight and agile solution designed to make lawn mowing a pleasure. This lawnmower boasts an attractive price-performance ratio, offering reliable technology and impressive mowing performance.

Key features of the AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S Petrol Push Lawnmower:

  • Reliable Starting: The Easy 4.20 P-S is powered by the AL-KO Tech 140 engine with a primer, ensuring easy starting and reliable performance. This engine is designed to provide optimal power for efficient mowing.
  • Manoeuvrable Mowing: With a cutting width of 42cm (16 inches), this petrol lawnmower is ideal for easy and manoeuvrable mowing in lawns up to 800m2. The compact design allows for efficient navigation around your garden.
  • Efficient Collection: The lawnmower features a 50-litre fabric grass collector that is easily attached to the aerodynamic steel deck. This large collector reduces the frequency of emptying, allowing you to complete your mowing tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Customized Cutting Heights: The cutting height can be adjusted centrally in 7 stages using a single lever, providing flexibility to achieve the desired finish on your lawn. Mowing heights range from 30mm to 75mm, catering to various lawn preferences.
  • Optimum Mowing and Catching: The lawnmower’s aerodynamic sheet steel cutter deck ensures optimum collection results. The design enhances mowing and catching properties, contributing to the mower’s overall efficiency.
  • Comfortable Operation: The lawnmower features an ergonomically designed handlebar for comfortable operation. Combined with smooth-running wheels, this mower is simple and comfortable to use, reducing strain during mowing.

Enhance your garden maintenance tool kit

A reliable and efficient solution for residential lawn maintenance. With its user-friendly features, adjustable cutting heights, and efficient grass collection, this lawnmower offers a seamless mowing experience. Upgrade your lawn care equipment and enjoy the benefits of the Easy 4.20 P-S for an attractive price.

Discover the AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S . Our team of experts will guide you through its features, ensuring you select the perfect mower for your extensive lawn care needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the AL-KO Easy 4.20 P-S and step into a world of efficient, lightweight lawn maintenance.



  • George Browns Limited Part Number: PP-ALKO AK113794,
  • Cutting Width: 42cm,
  • Power Type: Petrol,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 2 years,
  • Cutting Area: 800m2,
  • Discharge Type: Collect,
  • Built Weight: 23.1kg,
  • Manufacturer: AL-KO,
  • Engine Power: 140cc,
  • Collector Capacity: 50 litres,
  • Guaranteed Sound Level: 96,
  • Cutting Height: 30 - 75 mm,
  • Propulsion: Hand Propelled,
  • Professional/Domestic: Domestic,

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  • Price £219.00

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5 in stock

George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware that all machines are delivered without Fuel and oil in them
  • We recommend Unleaded petrol preferably E5 when possible but E10 will run this machine
  • The oil that goes into this machine is a SAE30, this is available through us.