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Stiga Battery Hedge Cutter SHT24AE

Sale! £149.00

Out of stock

Stiga Battery Hedge Cutter SHT24AE

Out of stock

Sale! £149.00
  • Lightweight, powerful & ergonomically designed makes it perfect for small gardens 
  • Typical run time of up to 95 minutes, provides duration for various outdoor tasks
  • 3-position rotating rear handle adds a layer of versatility
  • Comes with battery and charger included

Out of stock

Product Detail

Stiga Battery Hedge Cutter SHT24AE

The Stiga battery hedge cutter SHT 24 AE stands out as a remarkable battery hedge trimmer, combining the virtues of being lightweight, powerful, and ergonomically designed. This unit is crafted to deliver exceptional cutting performance, courtesy of its innovative 24V technology. Tailored for garden hedges, shrubs, and general untidy growth, the trimmer proves to be a versatile tool for various outdoor maintenance tasks. The 57cm dual-action laser-cut blades, complemented by an 18mm tooth spacing, effortlessly slice through foliage, streamlining trimming jobs with efficiency.

Especially suited for small gardens, the Stiga 24V Powerpack emerges as the ideal solution for those seeking quick and easy results. The trimmer’s 3-position rotating rear handle adds a layer of versatility, allowing users to work comfortably in both vertical and horizontal positions. Beyond its functionality, this hedge trimmer distinguishes itself by being notably quieter, cleaner, and more user-friendly compared to its petrol-powered counterparts. Furthermore, it boasts a weight that is approximately half that of traditional models, contributing to ease of use and manoeuvrability.

One of the key advantages lies in its typical run time of up to 95 minutes, providing ample duration for various outdoor tasks. Whether purchased as a standalone tool or combined with others from the range, the Stiga battery hedge cutter SHT 24 AE, supplied with a 4.0Ah 24V Battery and Charger, stands as a reliable and efficient choice for garden maintenance, catering to the diverse needs of garden enthusiasts.


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