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Stiga Cordless Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer SMT24AE

Sale! £209.00

1 in stock

Stiga Cordless Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer SMT24AE

In stock

Sale! £209.00
  • A running time of 85mins pruning and 18 mins hedge trimming
  • 70cm extension shaft makes it easy to reach the places traditions hedge trimmers cant
  • 3 piece split allows for easy and convenient storage
  • Battery and charger are included so you are ready to go

1 in stock

Product Detail

The Stiga Cordless Pole Pruner & Hedge Trimmer SMT24AE stands out as an exceptionally versatile tool designed to tackle challenging tasks in your garden. Boasting a 51cm hedge trimming head and a 70cm extension shaft, it empowers you to effortlessly reach difficult-to-access brushes, trees, and shrubs. Its lightweight design, coupled with easy start-up capabilities, eliminates the inconveniences associated with traditional petrol machines.

At the heart of this multi-tool is a class-leading 4.0Ah 24V Lithium-Ion battery, delivering a host of advantages. Not only does it make the SMT 24 AE significantly quieter, cleaner, and easier to use than its petrol-powered counterparts, but it also weighs approximately half as much. The impressive run time of up to 85 minutes with the pruning head and 18 minutes with the hedge trimming head ensures that you can efficiently complete your gardening tasks without interruption.

Moreover, the flexibility of the Stiga cordless pole pruner & hedge trimmer & the stiga 24v handheld cordless range is highlighted, allowing you to tailor your garden maintenance approach. Whether you choose to purchase the SMT 24 AE as a standalone tool or combine it with others from the range, the battery and charger are included as standard. This comprehensive set of garden machinery comprises five tools, each utilizing a 4Ah 24v lithium battery neatly fitted under the handle. The thoughtful design of the SMT 24 AE, featuring a 3-piece split shaft, enables you to work at various heights without the need for a ladder. The double-sided 460mm cutting blade on the hedge trimmer attachment and the 20cm chain on the chainsaw pruner head further underscore its efficiency and versatility.


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