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Kubota EK1-261 Tractor


Kubota EK1-261 Tractor

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product EK1-AGRI
product EK1-IND
product EK1-IND-LOADER
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Product Detail

Introducing the Kubota EK1-261 Tractor – Your Partner in Productivity!


Unleash the potential of efficiency with the Kubota EK1-261 Tractor, a robust machine equipped with a 3-cylinder diesel engine that delivers an impressive 24.8 horsepower.

Designed to excel in even the most challenging conditions, its 4-stroke engine features swirl chamber injection and a dry air filter, coupled with user-friendly maintenance aspects that establish the EK1 as a powerhouse in its class, backed by a 5-year/1,500-hour Kubota Care Warranty.

The tractor boasts a 9F/3R claw gearbox for seamless gear shifting, allowing smooth transitions between speeds with a cruising range from 1.1 km/h to a maximum of 18.2 km/h, supported by 8.30 x 20 rear tires. Dual PTOs at 540 and 540 ECO add versatility across a range of applications.

Operators can enjoy a comfortable working environment on the ergonomically designed platform, which features easy-grip, color-coded levers, an adjustable seat, and a charging socket with a mobile phone cradle to enhance both comfort and efficiency.

The heavy-duty rear power lift, with a capacity of 750 kg, manages heavy loads with precision, thanks to the simple adjustment of the lower links and a standard double-acting valve, which are part of the category 1 N three-point rear linkage.

The Kubota EK1 is further enhanced with optional add-ons like a front loader that reaches up to 1.98 m, adjustable rear work lights, and an optional front lift, all designed to elevate the tractor’s functionality. Stability and control are ensured by an optional four-part front ballast weighing 120 kg, completing an attractive package that not only meets but exceeds operational demands. The Kubota EK1 is not just a tractor; it’s a reliable partner that transforms challenging work into a seamless and enjoyable experience, inviting users to upgrade and redefine efficiency on their terms.

Powerful Performance

Unleash the potential of efficiency with the Kubota EK1-261 Tractor, featuring a robust 3-cylinder diesel engine that delivers an impressive 24.8 horsepower. Engineered for reliability, this workhorse is designed to excel even in the most challenging conditions. The 4-stroke engine with swirl chamber injection, dry air filter, and user-friendly maintenance features establish the EK1 as a true powerhouse in its class. 5 year/ 1.500 hour Kubota Care Warranty as Standard.

Kubota EK1 Engine

Effortless Gear Shifting

Experience seamless gear shifting on the go with the 9F/3R claw gearbox, ensuring a smooth transition between speeds. Cruise through tasks effortlessly with a maximum speed of 18.2 km/h and a minimum speed of 1.1 km/h, equipped with 8.30 x 20 rear tyres (Agriculture).

kubota ek1 gears

Optimally positioned operating levers

The operating levers on the right and left of the driver are logically arranged and ergonomically positioned. Thanks to colour coding, the levers can be identified easily and without confusion. This makes them simple to find and easy to grip – a real comfort benefit during work and driving. The levers do not obstruct access to the driver’s seat.

EK1 Gears

Comfortable Operator Platform

Step into a comfortable workplace with the ergonomically designed operator platform. The easy-grip operating levers, colour-coded for simplicity, combined with an adjustable operator’s seat and a charging socket featuring a mobile phone cradle, create an environment that prioritises your comfort and efficiency.

EK1 seat

Heavy-Duty Lifting Power

The heavy-duty rear power lift with a maximum capacity of 750 kg effortlessly handles even the heaviest loads. Enjoy precise draft and position control, complemented by the simple adjustment of the lower links through the powerful category 1 three-point rear linkage. The standard double-acting valve adds an extra layer of versatility to your operations.


Practical Extras for Enhanced Functionality

The Kubota EK1 comes with practical extras to elevate your experience. Opt-in for the optional front loader with a maximum lifting height of 1.98 m for added convenience.


Stability and Control

Complete your attractive package with the optional four-part front weight kit, totalling 120kg, ensuring stability and control in every task (ask an expert for more details). Moreover, the Kubota EK1 is not just a tractor; it’s a reliable partner that transforms your work into a seamless and enjoyable experience. Upgrade to the Kubota EK1 and redefine efficiency on your terms!


Kubota 5-year extended warranty available

The Kubota Care programme does what it says; ensures your machine is cared for against any unforeseen expensive repair costs during the first 5 years of its life. You simply decide your service hour usage so you only pay for the hours you will use.

Benefits of Kubota Care

  • Only Kubota genuine parts (such as filters) will be used during any servicing or repair maintenance.
  • Kubota lubricants must be used at all times, ensuring maximum reliability and performance from your Kubota machine.
  • Peace of mind for the usage hours you have purchased during the full 5 year period.
  • You can part exchange your machine at any time for another Kubota machine and reap the benefits of this program.
  • Enhanced resale value (only if a full dealer service history is available) at any time during the 5 year term.
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  • Manufacturer: Kubota,
  • Tyre Option: Agricultural,
  • Tyre Option: Industrial,
  • Tyre Option: Turf,
  • Loader Option: With Loader,
  • Loader Option: Without Loader,
  • Transmission: Mechanical Constant Mesh,
  • Gears: F9+R3,
  • Engine Make: Mitsubishi MV S3L2 Diesel,
  • Horsepower: 24.4HP,
  • Number of Cylinders: 3,
  • Drive System: 4WD Selectable,
  • Maximum Speed Forwards: 18km/h,
  • Hydraulics: 1 x Double Acting,
  • Hydraulic Flow Rate: 20l/min,
  • PTO (Power Take OFF): Rear 540,
  • Rear Linkage: CAT. 1,
  • Rear Lift Capacity at Hooks: 750kg,
  • Differential Lock: Yes,
  • Fuel Capacity: 24 litres,
  • Built Weight: 1000kg,
  • Length (without front attachment) mm: 2,677mm,
  • Height (ROPS up) mm: 2,192mm,
  • Height (ROPS down) mm: 1,450mm,
  • Width (Agri) mm: 1,035mm,
  • Width (Turf) mm: 1,450mm,
  • Ground Clearance mm: 310mm,
  • Commercial Warranty: Kubota Care 5 Years/ 1,500 hours,

Price list

  • Price £11,195.00£15,295.00

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George Browns Recommendations

The Kubota EK1 Tractor is recommended for farmers, landscapers, landowners, construction professionals, and hobbyists alike, seeking a reliable, versatile, and comfortable machine for a wide range of agricultural and utility tasks.

product EK1-AGRI
product EK1-IND
product EK1-IND-LOADER
product EK1-TURF