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STIHL FSA135 Cordless Brushcutter


STIHL FSA135 Cordless Brushcutter

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  • Quiet operations make strimming in noise sensitive areas no problem at all
  • Variable speed controller allows you to adjust during jobs that you need it to
  • Supplied with GrassCut 260-2 blade to make light work of tough grass
  • Running time of up to 70mins (Battery Dependant)
product PP-STIHL FSA135 SHELL 1

Product Detail

Stihl FSA135 Cordless Brushcutter – Brush Cutting Excellence

Experience the power and precision of the STIHL FSA135 Cordless Brushcutter

Introducing the FSA 135 Cordless Brushcutter, a robust and powerful tool designed for professionals in garden and landscape maintenance. With a bike handle for enhanced manoeuvrability, this cordless brushcutter is equipped with a variety of features to ensure efficient and effective mowing of grass and scrub in noise-sensitive settings.

At George Browns LTD we recommend this amazing cordless brush cutter for all professional users who want to make the change to battery powered. With a running time of up to 45mins it allows for plenty of time to complete tough trimming jobs.

Key Features of the STIHL FSA135 Cordless Brushcutter 

  • Cutting Circle Diameter: The FSA 135 boasts a cutting circle diameter of 260 mm, making it well-suited for a range of applications. The included GrassCut 260-2 blade enhances cutting precision and performance.
  • Bike Handle for Large Areas: The inclusion of a bike handle provides improved control and ease of use, particularly when mowing large areas. This ergonomic design enhances operator comfort during extended periods of operation.
  • Ergonomic Control Handle: The ergonomic control handle with three-level speed pre-selection and LED display ensures intuitive operation and control. Users can easily adjust the speed to match specific mowing conditions.
  • Infinitely Variable Speed Control: The FSA 135 features infinitely variable speed control, allowing users to adapt the cutting speed to the task at hand. This flexibility ensures optimal performance in various scenarios.
  • Double Shoulder Harness: The inclusion of a double shoulder harness enhances user comfort during prolonged use. This feature distributes the weight evenly, reducing fatigue and promoting a more ergonomic working posture.
  • Universal Deflector: The universal deflector contributes to a clean and controlled cutting experience. It helps direct debris away from the operator, ensuring a safe and efficient operation.
  • Durable Air Filter: The cordless brushcutter is equipped with a durable air filter featuring a metal mesh. This design ensures optimum engine cooling, contributing to a long service life and reliable performance.
  • IPX4 Rated for All-Weather Use: The FSA 135 is IPX4 rated, making it suitable for working in all weather conditions. This robust construction ensures durability and performance in challenging outdoor environments.
  • Prepared for Smart Connector 2 A: The brushcutter is prepared for use with a Smart Connector 2 A, offering added convenience for monitoring and optimizing tool performance.

Enhance your garden maintenance tool kit with the STIHL FSA135 Cordless BrushCutter 

The FSA 135 Cordless Brushcutter is a high-powered and versatile tool designed to meet the demands of professionals in garden and landscape maintenance. Whether tackling large areas or precision tasks, the FSA 135 combines power, versatility, and durability, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a cordless brushcutter for a variety of applications.

Discover the FSA135 Cordless BrushCutter at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the FSA135 Cordless BrushCutter. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding its features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect mowing solution for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the FSA135 Cordless BrushCutter and transform your Garden care routine with this exceptional Brush Cutter.

Find out more details on running times click here STIHL Catalogue 



  • OPTIONS: FSA135 Kit (Includes AP300s Battery & AL500 Charger),
  • OPTIONS: FSA135 Machine Only,
  • George Browns Limited Part Number: PP-STIHL FSA135 SHELL,
  • Tool Length (mm): 1880,
  • Power Type: Battery,
  • Built Weight: 4.9 kg,
  • Manufacturer: Stihl,
  • Professional/Domestic: Professional,
  • Cordless Technology: AP System,
  • Cutting Width: 42cm,
  • Working time with AP 200: Up to 50 Minutes,
  • Working time with AP 300: Up to 70 Minutes,
  • Working time with AR 3000 L: Up to 430 Minutes,
  • Voltage: 36 v,

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  • Price £499.00£873.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware that this products has a couple of options, with and without battery and charger . please make sure you select the correct option for your purchase.
  • When storing the battery and charger make sure they are kept in a warm environment and off the floor, this will help reduce the chances of the battery getting damaged by the cold.
product PP-STIHL FSA135 SHELL 1