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Stihl FSA 120 Electric Brushcutter

Sale! £439.00

Out of stock

Stihl FSA 120 Electric Brushcutter

Out of stock

Sale! £439.00
  • Bike handle allows for larger areas cleared quickly with large swings
  • grass cut blade takes tougher lawns and can deal with nettles and bramble
  • Running time of 50 mins with recommended ap300s battery gives plenty of time to tackle tasks
  • 2 year domestic / 1 year commercial gives you extra peace of mind

Out of stock

Product Detail

Stihl FSA 120 Electric Brushcutter: Professional Performance for Landscaping

Discover the power and versatility of the FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter by STIHL, designed to tackle the toughest gardening and landscaping tasks with ease. Powered by a battery, this brushcutter offers excellent mowing performance while minimizing noise emissions, making it perfect for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, and quiet neighbourhoods.

Key Features for the Stihl FSA 120 Brushcutter:

  • Battery-Powered Efficiency: Enjoy powerful performance without the hassle of cords or emissions.
  • Bike Handle: Provides comfortable working positions for cutting tall grass and weeds, ideal for mowing large areas.
  • Folding Clamp: Easily adjust the bike handle to your preferred ergonomic position for maximum comfort during operation.
  • Variable Speed Control: Choose from two different speed settings for optimal energy consumption and extended battery life.
  • ECO Mode: Lower energy consumption for simple tasks like trimming lawn edges.
  • Full Speed Mode: Ideal for mowing thicker grass, ensuring efficient use of battery energy.
  • Supplied with Basic Harness: Ensures comfortable operation during extended use.
  • GrassCut 230-2 Blade Standard: Comes with a standard cutting tool for immediate use, with compatibility for various STIHL cutting tools such as AutoCut, TrimCut, DuroCut, and PolyCut.

Why choose the FSA 120 for all you needs?

The FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter is designed for professional users seeking power, durability, and versatility. Its bike handle and folding clamp make it easy to manoeuvre and adjust for optimal comfort and performance. Upgrade your landscaping tools with the FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter and experience the convenience of cordless operation. With its IPX4 rating, this brushcutter is suitable for working in all weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance year-round. Elevate your landscaping capabilities with the FSA 120 Cordless Brushcutter and achieve professional results with ease.

Discover the Stihl FSA 120 Electric Brushcutter at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the Stihl FSA 120 Electric Brush Cutter. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding its features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect mowing solution for your needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the FSA 120 Brushcutter and transform your Garden care routine with this exceptional grass trimmer.



  • Cutting Tool/Head: GrassCut 230-2 blade,
  • Power Type: Battery,
  • Cutting Time: 50mins,
  • Built Weight: 4.5kg,
  • Professional/Domestic: Professional,
  • Manufacturer: Stihl,
  • Harness Included: Single Shoulder Harness,
  • Cutting Width: 38cm,
  • Handle Type: Bike Handle,
  • Maximum Vibration: 2.6m/s2,
  • Voltage: 36 v,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 2 years,
  • Commercial Warranty: 1 Year,
  • Guaranteed Sound Level: 94,

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  • Price £439.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware that this product does not come with the battery and charger and they will have to be purchased as extras 
  • When storing the battery and charger make sure they are kept in a warm environment and off the floor, this will help reduce the chances of the battery getting damaged by the cold.

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