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EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer Kit


Out of stock

EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer Kit

Out of stock

  • Ideal for tackling a variety of tasks in smaller gardens
  • 5 year domestic/1 year professional warranty
  • Run time of up to 70 minutes and a full recharge in just 50 minutes.
  • 33cm cutting width

Out of stock

Product Detail

EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer Kit – Includes battery & Charger

Discover the EGO Power+ ST1301E-S 33cm Grass Trimmer Kit, now featured at George Browns Limited, designed to revolutionize your lawn maintenance.

This comprehensive kit includes a 2.5Ah battery and a standard charger, offering an impressive run time of up to 70 minutes and a full recharge in just 50 minutes.

The ST1301E-S is engineered with a 33cm cutting width, making it ideal for tackling a variety of tasks in smaller gardens. Its innovative bump feed head allows for quick and easy line replacement even while in action, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Measuring 173cm in length, this line trimmer is fitted with an adjustable handle, enabling you to customize the tool for optimal comfort and control. Experience the power and precision of the EGO Power+ series with this cordless trimmer kit.

The efficient brushless motor of the ST1301E-S not only extends run times but also enhances the overall life of the tool. It’s compatible with any size EGO battery, ensuring you have the endurance needed for any task. The soft-start function of the motor guarantees a smoother start-up, reducing wear and tear.

This trimmer is equipped with a constant speed feature and a 2-speed selector, allowing you to boost power when facing tougher lawn areas. Additional features include a loop and quick-adjust handle for balanced operation, a supplied 2.0mm nylon twist line, and a clockwise cutting rotation for effective trimming.

For added safety, the ST1301E-S comes with a plastic guard on the head to shield you from debris stirred up during use. Embrace the convenience, power, and efficiency of the EGO Power+ ST1301E-S 33cm Grass Trimmer Kit, available now at George Browns Limited. Step up your gardening game with this essential tool.

Discover the EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding its features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect mowing solution for your needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the EGO ST1301E-S Grass Trimmer and transform your Garden care routine with this exceptional Brush Cutter.



  • George Browns Limited Part Number: PP-EGO EGST1301ES,
  • Cutting Width: 33cm,
  • Battery Port: Single Port,
  • Domestic Warranty Length: 5 Years,
  • Commercial Warranty: 1 Year,
  • Voltage: 56V,
  • Manufacturer: Ego,
  • Working Time: 70 Minutes,
  • Charging Time: 50 Minutes,
  • Tool Length (mm): 1730,
  • Weight (Excluding Batteries): 2.7 kg,

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  • Price £269.00

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George Browns Recommendations

  • Please be aware that this machine comes with batteries and chargers and you have everything you need to get going
  • When storing the battery and charger keep them off the ground and keep them in a warm area away from the cold