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Stihl Dynamic Protect MS Gloves


Stihl Dynamic Protect MS Gloves

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  • Stihl Dynamic Protect MS Gloves – select size below
  • Ergonomic curved design gives you a better grip
  • Hard working gloves for hardworking hands
  • Elastic cuffs support your wrists & prevents dirt or chips entering the glove
  • Level 1 cut protection for greater dexterity


Product Detail

Stihl Dynamic Protect MS Gloves

Premium gloves for forestry, chainsaw and arborist work.

Made from cow hide leather, STIHL DYNAMIC Protect MS gloves have an ergonomic curved design for better grip, higher comfort and reduced fatigue. An elastic cuff supports the wrist and prevents dirt or chips from entering the glove. Cut protection level Class 1.

Personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE) are imperative when working with any type of power tool. Here, at STIHL, we understand the importance and therefore offer first class protective clothing, which boasts comfort as well as protection. Our extensive range of personal protective clothing and equipment allows you to choose from, functional clothing, and practical accessories and assure yourself that being protected with STIHL is also the comfortable option. Whether you are looking for head protection, gloves, eye, face and ear protection, high visibility clothing or even footwear, we have the right protective clothing for your needs.

For excellent grip and great comfort take a look at the full range of STIHL protective gloves. Whether you are doing light pruning in the garden or sawing firewood, our range will provide for all your needs, with waterproof, thorn-proof and chainsaw protective options.

You can find more PPE…HERE.



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