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Stihl Toy Blower

Sale! £46.00

Out of stock

Stihl Toy Blower

Out of stock

Sale! £46.00
  • Removable, chargeable battery just like the adult version
  • Adjustable length to suit your child’s height
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over
  • Creates small amount of blowing force to make them feel involved

Out of stock

Product Detail

Stihl Toy Blower

When your youngsters express an interest in participating in garden activities, this battery-powered Stihl toy blower serves as an excellent means to involve them.

Designed as a scaled-down replica of the BGA 57 cordless blower, this miniature version features a blower tube that can be conveniently adjusted to three different lengths and is easily removable. The operational functionality mirrors that of the adult version, complete with a start/stop switch integrated into the handle and a removable battery rechargeable via a USB cable.

However, it’s crucial to highlight a safety precaution: it is advised not to permit children to use this toy concurrently with your operation of power tools in the same area. Safety always takes precedence, and adherence to this guideline ensures a secure and enjoyable gardening experience for everyone involved.

The Stihl toy blower is perfect for all Stihl fans who aren’t old enough for the real deal.


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  • Price £46.00

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