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EGO CH2100E Standard Charger


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EGO CH2100E Standard Charger

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  • Compatible with all 56V Ego batteries so it covers the range
  • Can achieve full charges in just 50mins (Battery Dependant)
  • Intelligent battery control system makes sure the batteries stay optimized
  • 5 Year  domestic warranty gives you extra peace of mind

5 in stock

Product Detail

EGO CH2100E Standard Charger – Re-Energize your Batteries Efficiently

Experience fast Charge times with the EGO CH2100E Standard Charger 

Introducing the CH2100E, the Standard Charger from EGO, designed to efficiently recharge your Professional range lithium-ion batteries. With a commitment to speed and intelligence, this charger ensures you spend minimal time waiting and more time enjoying the performance of your EGO Power+ tools.

Key features of the EGO CH2100E 

  • 50-Minute Full Charge: The CH2100E Standard Charger is engineered for efficiency, providing a full charge in just 50 minutes. This rapid charging time ensures that you spend less time waiting and more time utilizing your EGO Power+ equipment.
  • Reviving Battery Life: This charger is versatile and compatible with all Professional range lithium-ion batteries from EGO. It plays a crucial role in reviving and maintaining the battery life of your EGO tools, ensuring they are always ready for use.
  • Optimal Charging Efficiency: The intelligent battery control system, a hallmark of EGO’s charging technology, continually monitors each cell’s power and temperature. This constant monitoring ensures that the charging process is not only efficient but also optimized for the longevity and performance of the battery.
  • Real-Time Battery Status Feedback: Stay informed about your battery’s status and recharge levels through the LED charging/diagnostics indicator. This feature provides real-time feedback, allowing you to monitor the progress of your battery’s recharge conveniently.
  • Superior Performance Over Petrol-Powered Products: The innovative design of EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™ battery outperforms traditional petrol-powered products. It offers simplicity, cleanliness, quiet operation, and enhanced safety for both the environment and the user. With zero emissions and reduced vibration, it sets a new standard for safety and performance.
  • Impressive Run-Times and Fast Charge-Times: Experience ultimate flexibility with impressive run-times and fast charge-times. The CH2100E ensures that your EGO Power+ tools are always ready for action, providing you with the convenience and reliability needed for a seamless outdoor power equipment experience.

Recharge your EGO tool kit with the CH2100E Standard Charger 

The CH2100E Standard Charger by EGO embodies speed, efficiency, and intelligence in recharging your 56V ARC Lithium™ batteries. With a commitment to providing the ultimate flexibility and performance, this charger ensures that your EGO Power+ tools are ready for any outdoor task, allowing you to work efficiently and enjoy the benefits of a superior battery system.

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