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Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw


Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw

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  • Designed for professionals in mind with a 16″ bar & a powerful motor 
  • Anti-Vibration system helps with working with long periods of time
  • 3 operation modes allows you to determine the power for optimal use
  • Running time of up to 44 mins ( Operation Mode Dependant)


product PP-STIHL MSA300-16

Product Detail

Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw – Chainsaw Excellence

Experience first hand the Power & Efficiency of the Stihl MSA300 Cordless Chainsaw

Introducing the MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw, STIHL’s pinnacle of cordless chainsaw technology designed explicitly for demanding professional use. Boasting the title of STIHL’s most powerful cordless chainsaw, the MSA 300 is a versatile tool tailored for applications such as felling, delimbing, and precision cutting to length. With three available operating modes, this chainsaw ensures optimum battery efficiency, adapting seamlessly to the diverse requirements of professional tasks.

We at George Browns LTD recommend this amazing chainsaw to all commercial users who need a Cordless chainsaw. With a 16″ bar it is the largest battery powered chainsaw of the range and it has the power to back it up. with the AP500s battery it can have a running time of up to 44mins depending on the setting of the cutting allows for a lot of cutting on a single charge.

Key Features of the Stihl MSA300 Cordless Chainsaw

  • Optimized for Professional Use : The MSA 300 stands as STIHL’s most powerful cordless chainsaw, catering to the rigorous demands of professional users engaged in tasks ranging from felling trees to precision cutting.
  • Three Operating Modes: Equipped with three operating modes, the chainsaw allows users to select the most suitable setting for their specific application, enhancing efficiency and battery utilization across various tasks.
  • Compact and Balanced Design: The MSA 300 features a compact and balanced design, ensuring optimal ergonomics and comfort during extended periods of work. This thoughtful design enhances manoeuvrability and reduces operator fatigue.
  • STIHL Anti-Vibration System: Incorporating the STIHL anti-vibration system, the chainsaw minimizes vibrations, contributing to a more comfortable and controlled user experience.
  • LED Display Notification Cockpit: The LED display serves as an intuitive notification cockpit, providing real-time information on crucial aspects such as oil level, chain brake position, and power setting. This feature enhances operational awareness and facilitates efficient task management.
  • STIHL Smart Connector 2 A Compatibility: The power tool housing includes a mounting point for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A, offering connectivity options for smart monitoring and management.
  • Designed for AP 500 S Battery: Exclusively designed to be used with the AP 500 S, STIHL’s most powerful AP battery. This high-capacity battery ensures consistent and reliable power for demanding professional tasks.
  • Extended Working Time: When paired with the AP 500 S battery, the MSA 300 provides a working time of up to 20-44 minutes, with the actual duration dependent on the chosen speed setting.
  • Power Laminate Technology: The AP 500 S features power laminate technology, doubling the number of charging cycles compared to typical STIHL AP system batteries with cylindrical cells. This technology ensures a longer battery lifespan, approaching 10 years without typical capacity loss.
  • Bluetooth® Interface for STIHL Connected: The integrated Bluetooth® interface allows the battery to be managed like a power tool, providing connectivity and control options through STIHL connected technology.
  • IPX4 Rated: The MSA 300 is IPX4 rated, demonstrating its resilience and reliability for working in all weather conditions. This rating ensures the chainsaw can withstand exposure to rain and environmental elements.

Elevate you professional tool kit with the addition of the Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw

The MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw represents the epitome of STIHL’s cordless chainsaw innovation, tailored for demanding professional use. With its powerful performance, versatile operating modes, ergonomic design, and advanced battery technology, the MSA 300 is a tool that meets the high standards of professionals engaged in arboriculture, forestry, and other tree maintenance tasks. Whether felling trees, delimbing, or cutting to length, the MSA 300 stands as a testament to STIHL’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for professionals seeking reliability, efficiency, and durability in their tools. Arborists and forestry professionals can confidently rely on the MSA 300 to meet the challenges of their demanding work environments.

Discover the Stihl MSA 300 Cordless Chainsaw  at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the Stihl MSA300 Cordless chainsaw. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding its features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect mowing solution for your needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the Stihl MSA300 Cordless Chainsaw and transform your Garden care routine with this exceptional chainsaw.

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  • OPTIONS: MSA300 Kit (Includes AP500s Battery & AL500 Charger),
  • OPTIONS: MSA300 Machine Only,
  • Manufacturer: Stihl,

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product PP-STIHL MSA300-16