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Stihl MSA 220 C-B Cordless Chainsaw 14″


Stihl MSA 220 C-B Cordless Chainsaw 14″

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  • High cutting performance thanks to its PS3 Pro chain & 14″ Bar
  • Low noise EC motor makes it perfect for noise sensitive areas
  • Variable speed controller allows precise adjustments for optimal performance
  • Running time of up to 48 mins (Battery Dependant)
product PP-STIHL MSA220C-B 14
product PP-STIHL MSA220C-B 14

Product Detail

Stihl MSA 220 C-B Cordless Chainsaw – Delivers Power & Precision Cutting

Experience the efficiency and the power of the Stihl MSA220C-B Cordless Chainsaw

Introducing the versatile and powerful STIHL MSA220C-B Cordless Chainsaw, a robust tool designed for a wide range of applications, including felling, pruning, cutting to length, and building with wood.

Key Features of The MSA220C-B Cordless Chainsaw

  • Cutting-Edge Performance: The cordless chainsaw boasts outstanding cutting performance, thanks to the advanced 3/8″ PS3 Pro saw chain. With optimized energy efficiency, it offers a 10% increase in the number of cuts per battery charge, providing a reliable and efficient cutting experience.
  • Extended Working Time: With the recommended AP 300 S battery, the chainsaw offers an extended working time of up to 40 minutes. This ensures uninterrupted operation for prolonged tasks, providing convenience and efficiency.
  • Ergonomic Design: Experience easy and convenient operation with the ergonomic design of the chainsaw. The control lever features a potentiometer function for infinitely variable speed control, allowing for precise adjustments based on the task at hand. This design enhances your comfort and control during operation.
  • Quick Chain Tensioning: The STIHL Quick Chain Tensioning feature simplifies the maintenance process. Easily adjust the chain tension without the need for additional tools, ensuring optimal performance and safety.
  • Metal Bumper Spikes: Built with sturdy metal bumper spikes, the chainsaw provides reliable and precise guidance on wood. This feature enhances control and stability during cutting tasks, ensuring a safe and accurate operation.
  • Low-Noise EC Motor: Designed with a low-noise EC motor, this chainsaw is suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments. Experience powerful performance without compromising on sound levels.
  • All-Weather Capability: With an IPX4 rating, the chainsaw is suitable for working in all weather conditions. This ensures durability and reliability, even in challenging environments.

Optimise your gardens tool kit with the addition of the Stihl MSA220C-B Cordless Chainsaw

The STIHL Cordless Chainsaw stands out as a reliable and efficient tool for a variety of wood-cutting applications. From its cutting-edge saw chain to ergonomic design, quick chain tensioning, and all-weather capability, this chainsaw is designed to meet the demands of both professional and DIY users. Enjoy the convenience of cordless technology and the exceptional performance of the STIHL Cordless Chainsaw in your woodworking tasks.

Discover the MSA 220C-B Cordless Chainsaw  at George Browns Limited

Visit George Browns Limited to explore the MSA220C-B Cordless chainsaw. Our team is ready to assist you in understanding its features and benefits, ensuring you find the perfect mowing solution for your needs.

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about the MSA220C-B Cordless Chainsaw and transform your Garden care routine with this exceptional chainsaw.

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Instruction is necessary to recognize or assess the dangers of a chainsaw. Please wear protective clothing and equipment. You must be 18 years or over to purchase this machine.




  • Manufacturer: Stihl,

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  • Price £375.00£700.00

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product PP-STIHL MSA220C-B 14
product PP-STIHL MSA220C-B 14