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Welcome to George Browns Online Store, your destination for premium garden products that redefine excellence – introducing AL-KO and solo by AL-KO. Elevate your outdoor experience with our exceptional range of innovative and reliable gardening solutions, designed to make every gardening task a breeze with their Ride-on lawn mower and pedestrian lawn mowers.

AL-KO GROUP was originally founded in 1931, by Alois Kober, as a small metalworking shop in Großkötz near Günzburg in Swabia, Bavaria. Today the company is a global player among German SMEs, with its business division AL-KO Gardentech.

AL-KO: Unleashing Power, Precision, and Performance

Discover the epitome of German engineering with AL-KO’s cutting-edge garden machinery. Renowned for delivering unparalleled power, precision, and performance, AL-KO products are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring you achieve exceptional results with every use. From robust lawnmowers that effortlessly manicure your lawn to powerful garden lawn tractors that make light work of any lawn, AL-KO empowers you to transform your garden with ease.

Explore our collection of AL-KO garden products, each one a testament to decades of expertise and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, AL-KO provides the tools you need to achieve a garden that stands out in both beauty and functionality.

Solo by AL-KO: Your Partner in Efficiency and Ease

For those seeking efficiency and ease in their gardening routine, look no further than solo by AL-KO. This range combines AL-KO’s renowned German engineering with user-friendly features, making it the ideal choice for homeowners who prioritize convenience without compromising on performance.

Solo by AL-KO offers a diverse selection of garden tools, including lightweight yet powerful hedge trimmers, versatile grass trimmers, and efficient leaf blowers. Each product is thoughtfully designed to simplify your gardening tasks, allowing you to spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your outdoor space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose AL-KO

    Reliability: Built to last, our products are synonymous with durability and dependability.

    Innovation: Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology and features that set our products apart.

    Performance: Achieve professional-level results with gardening tools designed for optimal performance.

    User-Friendly: Intuitive designs ensure that both beginners and experts can use our products with ease.

    German Engineering: Benefit from the precision and quality associated with world-renowned German engineering.

    Transform your garden into a masterpiece with AL-KO and solo by AL-KO – where excellence meets innovation. Browse our online store now and experience the difference that top-tier garden products can make in cultivating your outdoor haven.

  • Who are AL-KO?

    AL-KO are a German and Austrian engineering company that specialise in garden machinery. They are seen as one of the more ‘premium’ brands across the industry. AL-KO pride their selves in only using the best materials for their machinery.

  • Where are AL-KO products manufactured?

    AL-KO manufactures a wide range of products, including garden equipment and machinery. While the company’s headquarters are located in Kötz, Germany, AL-KO operates manufacturing facilities in various locations worldwide.

    These manufacturing facilities are strategically located to efficiently produce and distribute AL-KO products to different regions and markets. However, specific information about the manufacturing locations of AL-KO products may vary depending on the product type and model.

  • Are AL-KO products reliable?

    Yes, AL-KO products are generally considered to be reliable. AL-KO, a German company, has a solid reputation for producing high-quality garden and outdoor equipment, including lawnmowers, trimmers, and other garden tools. Here are some reasons why AL-KO products are seen as reliable:

    • Quality Engineering: AL-KO products are known for their robust design and high-quality materials, reflecting German engineering standards.
    • Innovation: The company continuously incorporates innovative features into their products, enhancing usability and performance.
    • Durability: Many users report that AL-KO products are durable and long-lasting, making them a good investment for long-term use.
    • Customer Support: AL-KO offers good customer support and service options, which can help address any issues that arise with their products.
    • Positive Reviews: Numerous customer reviews and expert assessments highlight the reliability and efficiency of AL-KO products.