Rink Top Dressers – Brush

Price: £POR

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    Hopper capacity: 0.33m3–2.2m3
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    Spreading width: 0.95m (37")–1.8m (71")
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    Spread thicknesses: 0.3 to 40mm

Rink SP950 is a self propelled top dresser that can be used with any top dressing material.

Rink 1010 economical top dresser, is ideal for use with low horse power compact tractors and can be either mounted on a 3-point linkage or trailed on four pivoting high flotation wheels to minimize ground pressure.

Rink 1210 offers the widest brush applicator top dresser available with a smooth, even spread, over 71″ (1.80 metres) wide.

Rink 1520 Trailed unit makes large area spreading easier. Holds 2 tonnes of wet or dry top dressing, spread width of 55″ (1.4 metres).