BCS 615L Crusader Power Scythe

Price: £POR

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    Each machine able to operate a choice of scythe cutter bars - 80/100/115cm
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    Capable of operating a range of other front-mounted implements
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    4.8hp Honda engine
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    2f/2r manual transmission

The BCS 615L is a versatile power scythe offering two working speeds and a choice of cutter bar widths.
This makes the 615L is ideal for open areas of 1-3 acres, as well as for cutting areas where there are obstacles such as trees.
The 615L is the ideal entry-level power scythe, and offers great value for money especially when fitted with the cost-effective Honda GP160 engine option.
The 615L can also be fitted with a rotary mower attachment for cutting lawns, and a power brush for sweeping leaves in autumn and snow in winter.

Implements and Attachments

The BCS Crusader Power Scythes are capable of operating a range of other front-mounted implements.
However, unlike the Two Wheel Tractors, the handlebars on these machines do not rotate 180° so they cannot operate the ground cultivation attachments.