Kubota M-95GX-IV (104HP) 4WD Tractor

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    104HP V3800 4-cylinder turbo inter-cooled diesel engine
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    Electro-hydraulic diff lock front & rear
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    24/24 speed forward & reverse - (32/32 w/optional creep) 40kph
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    3-point hitch, automatic hooks, telescopic stabilizers
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    76.3lt/min pump capacity
  • /
    5000kg lifting capacity per ball joint
  • /
    Tyres - F 380/70R24 - R 520/70R34
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    4WD with auto 2WD

The MGX range now features a next-generation tractor: the MGX-IV. With new improvements, these tractors perfectly meet the required versatility for your operation. Your daily tasks will become surprisingly easy thanks to the various features of these tractors.

Everything to hand in the cabin
The ergonomics of the MGX IV cab enable you to operate and drive your tractor without effort. The layout of the controls has been designed so as to group them on the right side of the cabin. The dashboard allows you to quickly view all your import-ant tractor data (travel speed, tank level, etc. AdBlue, engine information). The MGX IV tractors provide a range of features to improve your work. The dual engine speed memory switch allows you to save two frequently used engine speeds, so you do not need to reduce the engine speed at the end of the fi eld. And the useful RPM work cruise function ensures a constant engine and PTO speed.

Unique Powershift transmission
The MGX IV tractors feature a Powershift transmission with 8 speeds under load and 3 speed ranges, giving you 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds. This intuitive transmission allows you to shift up to 8 gears without the need to operate the clutch pedal.
So you can simply fi nd the ratio that is best suited to the work being carried out. In au-tomatic mode, the tractor changes gears for you to fi nd the most appropriate gear for the respective situation. This mode is very useful in cases where the ground changes or on slopes, so all you have to do is steer the tractor. The optional range of creeper speeds provides a total of 32 forward and reverse speeds. This option is suitable for specific applications that require very slow travelling speeds.

Suitable for all conditions
The MGX IV tractors are exceptionally manoeuvrable, making them as comfortable turning at headlands as they are manoeuvring in narrow building areas. These tractors are equipped with a new system that automatically disengages the 4WD mode via a sensor placed on the steering that detects when the turning radius is less in 2WD. This simplifi es headland manoeuvring, allowing you to rotate without having to back out. The large wheelbase of 2,960 mm (for the large MGX IV models) ensures a high trac-tion capacity during heavy work. All MGX IV series models can optionally be equipped with a front suspension axle.

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