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March Pruning Tips From George Browns Limited

4 March 2024

George Browns Limited presents our March Gardening Tips for Pruning

Reading time: 3 mins

March Pruning Tips From George Browns Limited

Timing is Crucial: March Pruning for Bush and Standard Roses

Timing is Everything with Roses: For bush and standard roses that are well-established, March is your window for pruning. Aim to prune as they begin to grow but before the leaves unfold to ensure a vibrant bloom season. We recommend Stihl Secateurs for this job.

Prepare for Summer Blooms: Trimming Summer Flowering Shrubs

Prune Summer Bloomers Now: Many shrubs that flower in summer or late summer should be pruned between January and March. This list includes beauties such as Buddleia, Caryopteris, and Hydrangea Paniculata among others. Pruning now prepares them for a healthy growing season.

Stooling for Strength and Colour Enhancement

Stooling for vigour and colour: Shrubs like Buddleia and Salix benefit greatly from stooling, a process of cutting back hard to about 8cm (3in) to manage the size and enhance stem colour, especially for those valued for their winter appearance. Strong Secateurs or pruning saw for this job.

Evergreen Maintenance: Timing and Techniques

Evergreen Care: While slightly tender evergreens should wait until April for pruning, hardier types like Prunus laurocerasus can be pruned now if necessary. Also, remove any green shoots on variegated evergreens to prevent reversion. We have a large range of Hedge trimmers from Stihl, Ego & Mountfield.

Regular Maintenance: Key Practices for Tree and Shrub Health

Regular Maintenance: Continue pruning practices on pollarding trees, wall shrubs, climbers, and certain clematis varieties as specified, to maintain health and structure. For thicker stems and branches we recommend the Stihl GTA 26  , Stiga SC 100e Kit or Pruning Shears.

Tackling Overgrown Climbers: Jasmine and Beyond

Jasmine and Overgrown Climbers: Post-flowering, prune winter jasmine to tidy and promote next year’s blooms. Overgrown climbers can also be tackled now, by identifying live growth for pruning.

Tracking first Professional help for large trees

Professional Help for Large Trees: If trees on your property are beyond your capability to prune safely, consider hiring a professional tree surgeon to avoid potential damage to the tree and yourself. We also have a large range of chainsaws for experienced arboriculture.

In Conclusion

Remember, a little care and proper timing in pruning can significantly impact the health and aesthetics of your garden. Early season maintenance to a variety of shrubs and trees will reap benefits throughout the year.

Happy gardening from all of us at George Browns Limited!