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Is It Too Early To Mow My Lawn In March?

29 February 2024

Learn essential March lawn care tips for a healthy, lush yard. From optimal mowing practices to managing worm casts, gain expert insights!

Reading time 4 mins

Is It Too Early To Mow My Lawn In March?

Timing and Frequency for March Mowing

March is not too soon to start mowing your lawn. Seizing a dry day in February for an early trim is not uncommon among gardeners. March marks an excellent time for the season’s initial mowing. However, it’s advisable to keep the mowing frequency relatively low during this period. Perhaps undertaking this task only once or twice throughout the month, with the anticipation of returning to a more regular mowing schedule by April as the grass growth accelerates.

Optimal Mowing Practices for Early Season Growth

When mowing your lawn in the early part of the year, it’s crucial to proceed with caution to encourage healthy growth. Ensure the mower blades are adjusted to their highest setting. This will allow the grass to remain tall enough to effectively capture sunlight. It will encourage germination and enhance its strength and vitality for the upcoming months.

Managing Worm Casts before mowing

Before mowing, addressing any worm casts on the lawn is also important. Worm casts, which are small, soil-based mounds created by earthworm activity, can be easily managed on lawns with longer grass. Simply wait for these casts to dry, then use a wire rake or a stiff brush to gently break them apart and scatter the soil evenly across the lawn. This process not only helps to maintain a tidy appearance but also re-integrates valuable nutrients into the soil.

Best Practices for Ideal Mowing Conditions

Moreover, mowing should ideally be done when the grass is dry and the weather is mild, as grass begins to grow when temperatures rise above 5°C (41°F). Setting your mower to its highest cutting height during these initial mows helps ensure the grass remains robust and healthy, setting the stage for lush growth as the season progresses.


In conclusion, if the weather and ground are good, early lawn care practices in March set the stage for a healthy and vibrant lawn throughout the year. By mowing cautiously, addressing worm casts, and timing mowing sessions during dry and mild weather conditions, you can encourage robust growth and maintain the overall health of your lawn. Remember to adjust mower blades to their highest setting to allow grass to capture sunlight effectively. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your lawn thrives as the season progresses, providing a lush and inviting outdoor space for enjoyment. If conditions continue, you can give another mow towards the end of the month.

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