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Is it Time to Clean the Patio?

30 April 2024

Gear up for spring by following our expert tips for patio cleaning! Learn how to clear debris, pressure wash, and add finishing touches for a pristine outdoor space perfect for relaxation.

Reading time: 3-4 mins

Is it Time to Clean the Patio?

Embracing Outdoor Living: Transitioning from Winter to Spring

With the arrival of spring after a challenging winter full of gales and rain, rain and more rain, the longer daylight hours are a welcome sign that we have turned a corner. It’s a hint that soon, our evenings will transition outdoors, accompanied by barbecues and maybe the odd pizza under the sky and leisurely drinks, all while enjoying the view of fruit trees in blossom and the quirky lines of vegetables in our garden.

The Essential Task: Preparing Your Patio for Spring

However, before fully embracing outdoor living, there’s a crucial task at hand: our patio, currently a canvas of mud, slime, and scattered plant remains, demands a thorough cleaning. While reaching for the pressure washer might seem like the fastest route to cleanliness, achieving a spotless patio requires more effort. Here’s how to achieve a pristine outdoor space.

Start by Clearing the Area:

It’s easy to bypass moving objects and clean around them, but similar to indoor cleaning where dust accumulates under furniture, and outdoor dirt, and grime find their way under pots and patio chairs. So, before anything else, remove everything from the patio for a comprehensive clean, and take this opportunity to clean these items too.

Tackle the Gaps: Keeping Patio Stones Pristine

Dirt loves hiding between patio stones, supporting unwelcome plant growth. To effectively remove this dirt and prevent it from spreading during cleaning, use a tool specifically designed for this purpose, such as a block paving knife. This tool helps remove weeds and debris lodged in narrow spaces.

Sweep Up: Ensuring a thorough Clean

After dealing with the cracks, sweep away all debris, leaves, and twigs. A thorough sweep not only of the patio but its surrounding areas ensures that your efforts aren’t undone by a gusty day. If your patio edges the lawn, neatening these borders will enhance the overall appearance.

Pressure Washing: Revitalising Your Outdoor Space

Now that the area is prepped, it’s time to put the pressure washer to use. Exercise caution to avoid damage, especially near fragile structures like greenhouse windows. For an effective clean, combine the pressure washer’s power with a universal cleaner to remove all traces of dirt.

Alternative Cleaning Methods: Effective Solution Without a Pressure Washer

If a pressure washer isn’t available, a scrubbing brush, a bucket of soapy water, and a hose can also do the trick, although it might require more elbow grease.

Apply the Finishing Touches: completing the Patio Clean-up

Before rearranging your furniture, inspect the patio for any cracks that might need filling to prevent future accumulation of dirt and water, which could lead to damage. Use pre-mixed joint fillers or a sand and cement mixture for this task.

Re-decorate and Celebrate: Enhancing your Patio’s Appearance

With the patio now in pristine condition, reintroduce your furniture and perhaps add new plants to celebrate the makeover. This season, consider the cheerful and easy-to-grow Pot Marigolds, whose vibrant colours will complement your clean and inviting outdoor space perfectly.