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How and When to Start Mowing in Spring

9 April 2024

George Browns Limited, with its expertise in garden care, offers valuable insights on how and when to mow your lawn in spring, ensuring it remains healthy, lush, and aesthetically pleasing.

Reading Time: 4 mins

How and When to Start Mowing in Spring

As the spring season ushers in new life, your lawn awakens from its winter slumber, signalling the perfect time to kickstart your lawn maintenance routine. Lets get Mowing!

Understanding the Timing

Commencing in March and extending through Spring, regular mowing is crucial for maintaining a neat and robust lawn. Weekly or fortnightly mowing not only enhances the lawn’s appearance but also deters weeds and promotes a denser turf.

Spring Specifics

Growth Monitoring: In spring, monitor your lawn’s growth rate. Mow once a week or fortnightly, adjusting based on how quickly the grass grows.

Support Pollinators: If you have a flower-rich lawn or meadow, consider participating in initiatives like No Mow May to aid pollinators and reduce mowing frequency.

Mower Familiarisation: It might take a few sessions to get comfortable, whether you’re adapting to a new lawn or a new mower. George Browns Limited offers a variety of mowers to suit every lawn’s needs.

Cutting Heights

When embarking on the initial spring mowing session or tackling particularly tall grass, it’s wise to set your mower blades to their maximum height, up to 40mm is good. This strategy prevents the mower from getting clogged with excess clippings. In cases where the grass length is exceptionally long, a preliminary trim with a strimmer might be necessary to manage the height. After strimming, gather and remove the trimmings before passing over the area with the mower for a more refined cut. Initially, the lawn might appear somewhat uneven and have a yellowish tint, but with consistent mowing, it will quickly transition to a healthier, greener, and more uniform state.

Moving forward cutting heights should be…

Conventional Lawns: Maintain a height of 13–25mm

Fine Lawns: Keep the grass between 6–13mm.

New Lawns: Wait until the grass reaches at least 5cm before mowing on the highest setting.

Choosing the Right Mower

Choosing the right lawn mower is essential for maintaining a beautiful lawn with ease. When deciding between a petrol lawn mower and a battery-powered lawn mower, consider the following:

Petrol Lawn Mowers:

Ideal for larger lawns or properties without easy access outlets.

Offers powerful performance, making it suitable for cutting through thick or tall grass

No cord restrictions, allowing for greater freedom of movement

Quick refuelling an long-term durability make it a reliable option for regular use

Best suited for those prioritising power and versatility, willing to handle routine maintenance

Battery-Powered (electric) Lawn Mowers:

Perfect for smaller to medium-sized lawns in residential areas.

Environmentally friendly with zero emission during operation

Quiet, lightweight, and easy to manoeuvre, suitable for users of all ages and physical abilities

Minimal maintenance requirements and instant start feature for hassle-free operation.

Ideal for those seeking convenience, quiet operation, and eco-friendly lawn care solutions.

George Browns Limited offers a range of ride-on and pedestrian mowers suitable for every lawn size and type

Ride-On Mowers: Ideal for larger lawns, providing efficiency and comfort.

Pedestrian Mowers: Perfect for smaller or intricately landscaped areas, offering precision and manoeuvrability.

When mowing long grass with a hover mower, cut narrower strips so the blade doesn’t get clogged up with cut grass.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a battery-powered model or the robustness of a petrol mower, selecting the right equipment is essential for effective lawn care.


In conclusion, spring lawn mowing is not just about maintaining neatness; it’s about setting the foundation for a healthy, thriving lawn throughout the year. With the right approach and tools from George Browns Limited, you can achieve the perfect lawn that enhances your outdoor living space and brings joy throughout the seasons.