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Vredo Turf-Fix

Vredo Turf-Fix

In stock

  • Working width of 0.63 m

Product Detail

Vredo Turf-Fix

Since 1976 Vredo Dodewaard has been the specialist in overseeding technology. After having booked great successes in the agricultural, sports and also golf business, Vredo now presents and extremely compact machine for the professional gardener: Vredo Turf-Fix. This machine is able to perform three different essential operations on fine turf: aeration, overseeding and sanding. The base unit had a width of 81 cm and can be delivered as 3-point mounted model, as well as a towed model for a 2-axle vehicle (e.g. lawn mower) or a 1-axle vehicle (e.g. Agria, BCS, Ferrari).



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