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Vredo Super Compact 222

Vredo Super Compact 222

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  • Working Width 2.13m
  • Tractor power 85hp
  • Capacity 220l
  • Extra weights 22

Product Detail

Vredo Super Compact 222

Golf clubs are under pressure to keep the course in play continually, which is why it is necessary to overseed greens and tees regularly and rapidly. The course needs to stay qualifying, so the sward needs to stay in an optimum condition Ideally, the operation should be carried out without any disruption to play. The Super Compact meets all these requirements. This machine is capable of depositing fine grass seed such as Bentgrass (Agrostis) at a precise quantity (>3gr/m2) and depth (3/4mm) in the turf. The sharp discs provide surface aeration and the roller ensures that the green is left fast and true. An innovative hydraulic system enables easy adjustment of the sowing depth of the towed machines from 0-20 mm. Even with extreme undulations the machine retains the correct sowing depth. The 3-point design is also extremely maneuverable.



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