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Vredo 1M Seeder

Vredo 1M Seeder

In stock

  • row distance 7.5cm
  • Working Width 1m (39")
  • 100Ltr hopper capacity

Product Detail

Vredo 1M Seeder

The simplicity of the Compact Series enables it to be used in many areas and its working width of 1 m  makes it effective in any situation. Camp sites, horse racing circuits, local authorities, contractors, golf courses, sports facilities and private and country estates all make extensive use of this machine. This all-rounders has an inter-row distance of 7.5 cm and is made for hard ground conditions.
The fields on which these machines are used, often have to remain in use. A camp site, for example, cannot be closed off after preparation of the grass. Using the Vredo means that grassed areas can remain in use and can also be mowed as the grass seed is perfectly confined in the narrow slit.



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Hire price list (without tractor)

  • 1 DAY£250
  • EXTRA DAY£150
  • 5 DAYS£600

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  • 1 DAY£350
  • EXTRA DAY£175
  • 5 DAYS£850