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Vicon BW2600C Bale Wrapper

Vicon BW2600C Bale Wrapper

In stock

  • 1.2 to 1.5m bale size (max)
  • 1400kg bale weight (max)
  • 2.66m transport width
  • 2.05m transport height
  • Hydraulic film cutter
  • Self loading mechanism
  • Computer control
  • Twin film dispenser
  • trailed turntable wrapper

Product Detail

The trailed Vicon BW 2600 bale wrapper is ideal for users that wrap large number of bales, but still prefer the turntable wrapping system. It is designed for high output operation even in rough or hilly conditions. The Vicon BW 2600 offers a rugged design and is capable of handling bales up to 1400kg.



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