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Redexim RTC

In stock

  • Working width 280cm (111”)
  • Storage / access125cm (50”)
  • Engine 24hp - twin cylinder

Product Detail

Redexim RTC

The RTC has been developed with regular brushing in mind, the tractor and brush combination allows operators to quickly and effectively brush surfaces ensuring that regular maintenance can be carried out with ease. The RTC brushes fold to allow storage and access through gaps as narrow as 125cm (50”). While folded out the unit covers an impressive 280cm breed. The brush unit can be raised clear of the ground for transport from the operators seat while the same control is used to adjust the pressure applied to surface through the bristles. Powered by a 24hp twin cylinder engine and driven by hydrostatic transmission the RTC can also be used to tow other tools such as the Redexim Speed-Clean.



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