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Redexim Grader 1500


£7500.00 £6750.00

Redexim Grader 1500

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£7500.00 £6750.00
  • Models for 3 wheel bunker rakes and compact tractors
  • All towed models equipped with rear 4 wheel hydraulic raise and lower frame
  • Dual grading standard
  • Spool valves on prime mover control working height
  • Grading to + or – 2mm
  • Tractor hp req 30-60
  • Working width cm (in) 150cm (59”)

Product Detail

Redexim Grader 1500

The range of Trailed Graders are manufactured to a high standard using quality materials for long life. All models have a 4 wheel frame – with each pair of wheels controlled by their own hydraulic cylinder for dual grading or all 4 wheels can be locked for single grading. For the accurate levelling of sports areas, ranging from golf tees to sportsfields.



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