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Kverneland CLC Pro Cut

Kverneland CLC Pro Cut

In stock

  • For long residues such as maize, sunflower, oil seed rape, sugar cane, etc
  • 3m and 3.5m working width

Product Detail

Kverneland CLC Pro Cut

The CLC pro in its Cut variant is available in 3.0 and 3.5m working width as rigid model.
The frame design is the same as the “Classic” model with the rear equipment based on roller arms holding a bar of levelling tines in front of the roller. Other equipment from the CLC pro is also available like the combidisc harrow or the double disc gang for intensive incorporation.

Max power for the 3,00m is 240hp.
The full roller program is available for this Cut version.
The front cutting disc can be hydraulically adjusted from the cab at any time. This means that the pressure on the discs is also defined by the cylinder position.
The working depth is often around 5 cm to be able to cut the material and the roots if necessary. Each disc is independently protected by 4 rubber shock absorbers.
The bearings are maintenance free.

Zone 1 – cutting

Equipped with one row of front cutting discs, the CLC pro Cut is the ideal machine for working with long residue conditions like sunflower, maize, etc…

Zone 2 – cultivating

The front cutting discs are followed by 2 rows of tines with wide tine spacing (approx. 400mm) for managing the residues. The wider share, Quantum 345mm, is used. The tines can have Knock-On deflectors for nice stubble incorporation.

Zone 3 – levelling

The rear equipment on the CLC pro Cut reduces the required lifting capacity. The machine can then be equipped with the levelling tines and the short roller arms. The machine is then compact enough to be used with a lighter tractor. Other equipment like Combi-disc or double discs can also be used.

Zone 4 consolidation

Very active rollers provide a nice recompaction and close contact soil / residues.



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