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Kubota SE1151 Flail Chopper – Agriculture

Kubota SE1151 Flail Chopper – Agriculture

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  • Working Width 1.5m
  • Flail Type Y Flails
  • Kubota Tractor B2, LX, L1382

Product Detail

Kubota SE1151 Flail Chopper a small, medium-duty machines for use on slightly rough ground and other green areas: in amenity areas, for tidying up pasture and in similar situations. The Kubota SE1000 is available in 3 models from 1.20m working width to 1.80m The SE1000 is very easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance.

As well as the universal blades fitted as standard, blades for stony conditions and cup blades can be fitted on request.
The SE1000 is suitable for tractors up to 50hp.

The core of the SE1000 is the rotor: high rotation speed (2052rpm) in combination with a huge number of working tools make the SE1000 a unique chopper.
As standard the SE1000 offers a mechanical offset: the headstock can be fitted in the centre or on the left side of the chopping unit. The SE1000 is equipped as standard with a rear roller which allows the reliable control of the working depth. Alternatively a pair of skids can be supplied on demand. Kubota SE1000 – the correct choice for green areas.

The Advantages:

Small, light machine
For tractors up to 50hp
Easy to operate
Minimal maintenance
Wide choice of blades



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