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Kubota SE7000 series HD Rear Mount Flail Chopper

Kubota SE7000 series HD Rear Mount Flail Chopper

In stock

  • SE7195 - 1.95m working width - 24 blades
  • SE7230 - 2.3m working width - 28 blades
  • SE7280 - 2.8m working width - 36 blades
  • SE7320 - 3.2m working width - 40 blades
  • Options - counter knife, Bolted double skin & Roller
  • Power Requirements SE7195 -55-70hp (min - max)
  • Power Requirements SE7230 - 65-80hp (min - max)
  • Power Requirements SE7280 - 75-90hp (min - max)
  • Power Requirements SE7320 - 85-10hp (min - max)
  • Easy operations in the field by hydraulic offset (52cm movements)
  • Precise assembly and accurate rotor balancing

Product Detail

The SE7000 range comprises Kubota`s largest and toughest grass and straw choppers for heavy-duty work on set-aside land and cultivated fields. The SE7000 chopper is indispensable on grass fields or for chopping straw, stubble and other crop residues after harvesting, but also very useful for fruit farms clearing scrub and tidying pasture. The SE7000 is available in 4 working widths covering all different requests coming from farmers.

The SE7000 offers a unique operation versatility. The high rotor speed combined with a large number of blades increases the cutting efficiency while reducing the input power required. A large number of blades reduces the amount to be cut by each blade, so the rotor revolves more easily and evenly. The rotor is manufactured precisely and is dynamically balanced after the blades have been fitted; this leads to a smooth running without vibrations.

The SE7000 can be equipped with different blade types in order to comply with all customers’ demands. The skids are included in the standard configuration, wheels or rollers are optionally available. Furthermore double skin and second counterknife are optional equipment.



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