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Kubota GR2120-II

Kubota GR2120-II

In stock

  • 21hp
  • Rear Discharge
  • 122cm Cutting Width
  • 450l Collector

Product Detail

Kubota GR2120 Ride-On Mower: Where Precision Meets Power
Introducing the Kubota GR2120 Ride-On Mower, your partner in creating picture-perfect lawns with ease and precision. This reliable mower is designed with your comfort and lawn’s well-being in mind. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a homeowner with an eye for perfection, the GR2120 is ready to turn your lawn into a work of art.
User-Friendly Experience
Comfort and ease of use are at the heart of the GR2120’s design. The high-back seat, intuitive controls, and responsive steering make mowing a pleasurable experience. The ergonomic design ensures that you can focus on crafting a beautiful lawn without strain or discomfort.
General Specifications
With a blend of power and precision, the Kubota GR2120 is set to redefine your lawn maintenance experience:
Engine Size: The GR2120 is equipped with a robust 21 horsepower engine, ensuring ample power for even the most challenging terrains.
Deck Width: The generous 48-inch cutting deck width covers more ground in less time, making quick work of larger lawns.
Grass Collector Size: The spacious 450-litre grass collector means fewer stops to empty clippings, so you can focus on what you love – crafting a beautiful lawn.
Technical Excellence
Underneath its sleek exterior, the Kubota GR2120 boasts a range of technical features designed to optimize your mowing experience:
Advanced Cutting Technology: The precision-engineered cutting deck ensures an even and clean cut, leaving your lawn looking professionally manicured.
Efficient Grass Collection: The high-capacity grass collector is thoughtfully designed for efficient clippings collection, so you spend more time mowing and less time emptying.
Hydrostatic Transmission: The hydrostatic transmission offers seamless control, allowing you to navigate your lawn effortlessly. Smooth acceleration and deceleration ensure a comfortable ride.
Glide-Steer and All-Wheel Drive: With glide-steer and All-wheel drive capabilities, the GR2120 offers exceptional manoeuvrability and traction. Glide-steer allows for tight turns and precise control, while the 4-wheel drive ensures stability and power, even on challenging terrain.
The Kubota GR2120 Ride-On Mower is more than just a mower; it’s a statement of precision, power, and care. Say goodbye to uneven lawns and hello to a beautifully manicured masterpiece.
Order your Kubota GR2120 today and discover the joy of effortless lawn care. With power and precision, every mow will be a step towards lawn perfection.



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