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Kubota Disc Spreaders 1100Ltr (DSM-W)

Kubota Disc Spreaders 1100Ltr (DSM-W)

In stock

  • 1100Ltr hopper capacity
  • Filling height 100cm
  • Spread width 10-24m
  • Output 10-320 kg/min
  • EasyWeigh 1x10 ton weigh cell & reference
  • folding Hopper cover
  • PTO overload clutch
  • Stone guards
  • Hopper sieves
  • Fertiliser grading box
  • Full set of spreading vanes
  • Road Lights
  • iso11783 compatible controls

Product Detail

The Kubota DSM is medium in size and volume, but can spread up to 28 metres and comes with the RotaFlow system as standard. It also comes with 8 vanes per disc for the same spreading quality as the bigger spreaders. The DSM can be equipped with most of the accessories for larger spreaders such as aluminium hopper extensions, TrimFlow for border spreading, parking frame or LED lights.



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