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KORO By Imants 2000 Field Top Maker

KORO By Imants 2000 Field Top Maker

In stock

  • Working width 2.0m
  • Working depth 0 - 50mm deep
  • No. of digging blades 64 (32 LH 32 RH)
  • No. of scarifying blades 112
  • Scarifying blade spacing 34mm (3mm blades)
  • No. of Terraplane blades 60
  • No. of Universe blades (10mm) 200 on every holder
  • No of Universe Finesse blades (3mm or 5mm) 200 on every holder
  • Power requirements 70-100hp

Product Detail

The KORO® FIELDTOPMAKER® (FTM) 2000 is a heavy-duty fraise mower, for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa-annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface to a depth of 50mm. A side arm conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer, leaving a level, even surface. The KORO® FIELDTOPMAKER® 2000 is designed for sports turf applications like football & rugby pitches, turf farms, etc. Several new, optional rotors allow the FTM 2000 to be used for a variety of different surface renovations, including scarifying, surface planing, brushing and the cleaning out of organic matter from fibre-reinforced pitches. The elevator folds flat for transport.



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