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Hilltip Snowstriker Tractor V Plough

Hilltip Snowstriker Tractor V Plough

In stock

  • Adjustable attacking angle
  • Down-pressure function presses the plow down for a cleaner scrape.
  • Curved blade for optimal snow-rolling effect.
  • Blade tilts and oscillates while plowing on uneven ground for a cleaner scrape (6°).
  • Double acting cylinders

Product Detail

Hilltip Snowstriker Tractor V Plough

The HillTip Snowstriker-VTR Snowplows are designed with a heavy duty box construction for hard winter conditions, and fits compact tractors and loaders with a total weight of 2,5 – 5 ton.

The curved, powder-coated snow blade is made of high strength steel, which in this case is the key to our durable but light snow plow. The cutting edge is adjustable and the trip edge is in two segments, giving the best snow plow protection on the market. The cutting edges are available in polyurethane or high-strength steel.



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