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Hilltip Icestriker 750 Spreader

Hilltip Icestriker 750 Spreader

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  • A 12-volt motor is mounted inside a sealed weather-resistant enclosure.
  • Automatic vibrator prevents bridging and de-icing material from clogging by shaking the inverted Vee.
  • Controller with automatic GPS speed control adjusts the amount of spreading material (g/m2) according to your vehicle speed
  • Inverted-Vee helps reduce heavy start-up loads on the auger. All in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel flip-up chute
  • Two-piece tarp mechanism and top screen
  • Includes an accessory wire for optional work light and beacon light that can be activated from the standard controller.

Product Detail

Hilltip Icestriker 750 Spreader

Our IceStriker™ 12V electric salt and sand spreader is built to meet the requirements of the European pickup and light truck segment. The lightweight poly hopper body made of HD polyethylene, and mounted parts in stainless steel, provides you long lasting protection against corrosion and rust. The IceStriker™ combi salt spreader and controller system helps you save money and reduces the impact on the environment, while achieving the same de-icing results as before.

The salt spreader can easily be transformed into a complete brine solution sprayer or into a pre-wet combi salt spreader that moistens the spreading material. Integrated tanks in the double walled poly hopper body holds up to 450 l of liquid. The combi salt spreader can optionally be equipped with a 2 meter spray bar or a hose reel with hand-held spray nozzle.





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