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DAKOTA 412 Towed

DAKOTA 412 Towed

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  • 3.5m - 13.0m spreading width
  • Hopper capacity 1.53m³ (level)
  • Tractor requirements 35hp +
  • Optional - Electric, Hydraulic or manual controls

Product Detail

The Dakota 412 is a mid-range top-dresser for the fast transportation & application of top dressing. It will handle both wet & dry materials allowing light to heavy dressings, and can easily be loaded with a 1.8m wide tractor bucket. It features accurate and easy to operate calibration with no manual adjustment. The 412 model features 4 x 14” Ultra-Trac turf tyres on independent floating beam axles for maximum weight distribution. Controls are electro-hydraulic operated from the operators seat, or for the basic manual model with elec stop – start with no vibration.



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