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Browns Pipe Layer

Browns Pipe Layer

In stock

  • For burying pipe up to 32mm diameter
  • Reel can be fitted to store up to 300m of pipe
  • Fitted to leg to still allow shear bolt protection
  • Can be retrofitted to existing moledrainer models
  • Easy to remove when not required

Product Detail

Browns Pipe Layer

(tube and reel attachment)

Attachment designed to fit a standard Viscount or Consort mole drainer to enable it to effortlessly lay plastic water pipe into the ground to a depth of up to 650mm.
Unique design allows the laying pipe to break back with the leg if an obstruction is hit and the shear bolt breaks.
Large reel mounted on thrust bearings allows up to 300m of 30mm diameter pipe to be loaded and fed down the pipe leg.
One man operation as the pipe once secured at the start will feed itself into the ground.




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