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Browns Megascrape

Browns Megascrape

In stock

  • High capacity scraper - reduces time and effort
  • Twin blade system for automatic push/pull operation
  • No levers or catches
  • Independently moving sides to follow uneven surfaces
  • Weight transfer design ensures positive pressure on blades for a cleaner finish
  • Fits cat 1 and 2 three point linkage
  • A frame incorporated into main headstock
  • Rust and seize free rubber hinges
  • Available in five working widths

Product Detail

Browns Megascrape – Box Scraper

High capacity box scraper – reduces time and effort.

It is automatic in operation as a push and pull scraper, with no levers or catches to operate. It has independently moving sides to follow uneven surfaces and ensure the slurry is retained within the box enclosure.

An A frame is incorporated into the linkage frame, which in turn is mounted on springs to ensure downward pressure on the rubber scraping blades to give a clean scraping action.



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