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Browns Grassmaster

Browns Grassmaster

In stock

  • Heavy duty frame
  • 8mm oil hardened steel spring tines
  • Four rows of tines
  • Tines set 25mm apart
  • Turnbuckle tine angle adjustment to adjust aggression of tines
  • Mounted floating sub frames to follow the contours of the fields
  • Spring dampers (anti-jiggle device)
  • Two height adjustable pneumatic tyres (four as standard on 6m model)
  • 5m and 6m models hydraulically folding
  • 2m, 3m, 5m, 6m available

Product Detail

Browns Grassmaster

Grass harrows are effective for maintaining and rejuvinating existing pastures. The Browns Grassmaster removes dead grass, aerates the sward, helps prevent thatch and moss build up, encourages vigorous growth and breaks up/distributes manure and mole hills.

The Browns Grassmaster can be used in conjunction with an air seeder for over seeding existing pastures or reseeding new pastures.

Grassland is an important resource for the livestock farmer and maintaining high quality, low input and low cost grassland for grazing and/or grass feed is essential.



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