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Browns Fan Jet Pro 65 / 130

Browns Fan Jet Pro 65 / 130

In stock

  • Easy, quick, stepless adjustment of spread bias, left or right
  • Machine tilts forward on subframe for safe, fast emptying hopper contents
  • Adjustable deflectors or disc speed to limit spread width
  • Stainless steel and plastic feed and shut off mechanism
  • Stainless steel discs and vanes
  • Stepless adjustment of application rate
  • In cab control console with instant, positive feed shut off and start and disc control
  • 3m fused power lead and 6m connector cable
  • Robust construction and reliable high quality motors
  • Semi translucent polyethylene hopper
  • Semi translucent polyethylene hopper
  • Seed deflector inculded as standard with 130lt mode

Product Detail

Browns Fan Jet Pro 65 / 130

Multi purpose 12 volt electric spinning disc broadcaster to apply slug pellets, small seeds and granules. The Pro series has a high torque / low power disc motor, all stainless steel disc and new feed mechanism with two feed apertures for improved spread pattern and width, higher application rate and an uprated control console.

The Pro models are the classic slug pelleters for use with ATV’s, sprayers and tractors, and are equally suited to broadcasting seeds and other granular products. A variety of options enhance the performance of this versatile machine.
Spreads most slug pellets to between 20 and 24 metres wide, some very dense materials further. Will broadcast small seeds such as rape, turnips, mustard, (18m), grass (6m), wheat and other granular products.

Options Available

Vario Control Console. A disc speed control to reduce the spreading width, for example to match the implement width, or use to broadcast small seeds with minimum damage (rape, turnips, etc), adjust mechanical width deflectors and ‘dial down’ the disc speed as required.

Seed Deflector Easily attached all steel deflector gives a more accurate and controlled placement of seed when sowing a cover crop with a cultivator, or establishing grass borders.(supplied with grass agitator) Adjustable width and depth of spread, especially recommended for use with the Vario console for the ultimate in seeding control. (Included as std Fan Jet Pro 130).

Calibration Chute A calibration aid, the all steel chute is easily attached and safely collects and deflects the product being spread into a user provided bag for weighing during calibration checks.




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