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Baroness TDA1200 1.2m Aerator

Baroness TDA1200 1.2m Aerator

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  • Number of Tines: 18 pcs (Various options available)
  • Working Width: 117 cm
  • Working Depth: Maximum 25 cm (depending on the conditions)
  • Transportation: Tractor; 3-point link lifting type
  • Speed of PTO Rotation: Maximum 400 rpm

Product Detail

Baroness TDA1200 1.2m Aerator
Designed to work down to a depth of 250mm, the TDA1200 operates at 2 km/h and has two crankshaft operating speeds and a wide variety of tine options.

The machine comes complete with a rear roller as standard as well as a variety of tines and finger plates

The standard tine holders will accommodate tines from 8 mm to 19mm. Optional multi-tine carrier blocks can be fitted to produce very tight aeration patterns.



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