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Buying a New Mower

16 April 2024

Mowers vary in power source, cutting methods, and additional features, each offering unique benefits. Selecting the right mower is crucial, as it’s likely to be a significant investment and one of your most frequently used gardening tools.

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Buying a New Mower

When contemplating the purchase of a new mower from George Browns Limited, it’s essential to consider the vast array of options available to cater to different needs, lawn sizes, and preferences.

Power Sources:

Discover the best mower power sources for your lawn care needs. From eco-friendly hand-push mowers ideal for small lawns to convenient cordless battery-powered options, find the perfect fit for your garden. Explore lightweight electric mowers for small to medium lawns and powerful petrol mowers for larger spaces.

Hand-Push Mowers: Ideal for small lawns, hand-push mowers are quiet, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. They offer good exercise but may be challenging for larger spaces.

Electric Mowers: Suitable for small to medium lawns, electric mowers are lightweight and cost-efficient but are limited by cord length.

Cordless Battery-Powered Mowers: Increasingly popular, these mowers offer mobility and convenience, with interchangeable batteries enhancing efficiency for a full day’s garden work.

Petrol Mowers: Offering freedom from power cords, petrol mowers are powerful but require fuel and maintenance, producing noise and emissions.

Which type of mower?

Certain types of mowers suit different lawn sizes and maintenance preferences. From traditional hand-push mowers to advanced robotic models, explore the options to find your perfect fit. Discover the benefits of each type, including the eco-friendly and cost-effective nature of hand-push mowers for smaller lawns, the convenience of electric mowers, the mobility of cordless battery-powered models, and the power of petrol mowers for larger spaces.

Cylinder Mowers: Delivering a high-quality cut, they’re perfect for fine lawns, cutting grass with a scissor-like action for a pristine finish. Ideal for Groundcare professionals and sports clubs. If your lawn is slightly uneven, a cylinder mower probably isn’t for you.

Rotary Mowers: Versatile and suitable for most lawns, rotary mowers handle longer grass and uneven surfaces effectively, with some models providing a striped finish. Ideal for most domestic applications

Hover Mowers: Floating on a cushion of air, these mowers are lightweight and maneuverable, ideal for uneven surfaces. Great for slopes and awkward corners.

Mulching Mowers: These mowers finely chop clippings and return them to the lawn, providing natural fertilization and moisture retention.

Robot Mowers: Autonomous and efficient, robot mowers maintain your lawn with minimal effort but require initial setup and investment.

Ride-On Mowers: Best for large lawns (2000-6000sqm), ride-on mowers reduce mowing time significantly and offer comfort and efficiency. Available in Battery & Petrol powered models. George Browns’ huge range includes Stihl, Mountfield, Stiga, AL-KO, EGO, Weibang, OREC

Other Considerations:

Lawn Type: Choose a mower that aligns with the finish you desire for your lawn, whether it’s a finely manicured look or a more rugged, natural appearance.

Lawn Size: Consider the size of your lawn when selecting a mower. Larger lawns may benefit from wider cutting decks or ride-on mowers to save time and effort.

George Browns Limited offers a comprehensive range of mowers from pedestrian mowers to Ride-on mowers to suit various lawn care needs. Whether you’re maintaining a small garden or managing extensive grounds, understanding the different types of mowers and their features will help you make an informed decision, ensuring your lawn remains in top condition with the right tool for the job.