Mountfield 15in Roller Mower (Princess 38Li) in Mountfield Cordless Equipment

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  • 15in (38cm) cutting width
  • 25-75mm cutting height
  • Hand Propelled
  • 40Ltr Collector capacity
  • Battery & Charger included


MRRPrice:£419.00 (INCL VAT)

Browns Selling Price: £379.00 (INCL VAT at 20%)


Description of 15in Roller Mower:

NEW for 2015

Built on a lightweight polypropylene chassis this 38cm cut mower features 6 cutting heights which can be adjusted with a single lever from 25 - 75mm. The 38LI has built in 3 in 1 grass cutting technology which allows it to collect the grass clippings within the 35 litre plastic collector. It can also discharge the clippings from the rear of the machine; and finally mulch the grass. Mulching your grass cuts it into very fine pieces which are thrown back onto the lawn to be absorbed for extra moisture and nutrients. The Freedom 48 Princess 38Li cordless also has a rear roller between itís large back wheels which will give your lawn that sought after striped finish.